Opening Reception: Friday, July 6th, 2012 6-10pm

The gallery at FJORD is pleased to announce its third show: “Daphne,” a curatorial project organized by Liam Holding. This group exhibition brings together a range of media, all connected by their relation to the human body and their potential to invoke a 'functionless utility.' While conventional art objects exist for reflection and criticality, we experience practical items in terms of their trustworthiness and functionality – without reservation. In the comfort of this recognition and familiarity lies the opportunity for a reversal of these expectations. The underlying humor present in the selection of works hinges on a reverberation or ‘double-take’ that highlights a complex relationship between the viewer and object. Diversity in tone and materiality contribute to the objects' inherent polarity, from the useful to the useless, and the slapstick to the unnerving. These sculptures do not fit into a particular structure or formulaic platform, but rather touch on components of a broader phenomenon.
The show includes work by:

Matt K. Brett
Ted Gahl
Daphne Gardner
Rubens Ghenov
Jack Henry
Jason Huff
Cameron Masters

Rubens Ghenov Jason Huff Ted Gahl Matthew K. Brett Cameron Masters Courtesy of Sarah Pater Jack Henry Rubens Ghenov Daphne Gardner