Hoarse Whispers

Michelle Harris I Molly Metz I Sarah Tortora


Running March 7- April 11

Opening Reception March 12 from 6-9pm

The term Dada is believed to have come from the colloquial French word for “hobby horse.” Stream-of-consciousness poetry, photomontage, and readymades disrupted public perception of what art was or could be while challenging reason, taste, and the place of art in contemporary society. Hoarse Whispers is an exhibition of new work by Michelle Harris, Molly Metz, Sarah Tortora and of Philadelphia -a city with strong ties to Duchamp and Dada.  Like Duchamp, Hoarse Whispers at times rejects logic, reason, and aestheticism of the mass market. Appropriated materials and imagery are ciphered, generating complex catchalls of content and aestheticized structures that may prompt some head scratching but later leaves us in deep contemplative revelation. 

FJORD Gallery

1400 N. American St., STE 105

Philadelphia, PA 19122

Open Saturdays from 2 - 6pm

and by appointment


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