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Auto Complete - Manual Delete

Autocomplete/Manual Delete
Opening Reception, January 9th, 7-10pm

On view January 9 - February 1
FJORD is pleased to present Autocomplete/Manual Delete 
featuring work by: 
Nick Van Zanten
Magali Hebert-Huot
Justin Hoekstra
Through processes that make and unmake their materials to leave, after much labor, a result barely different from what they started with, the sculptors and painters Magali Hebert-Huot, Justin Hoekstra, and Nick Van Zanten investigate the misleading simulated reality of post-industrial life.  Nothing is not what it seems, but it is a representation hardly different than the original.  Using OSB and other cheap materials and processes, they direct us to the dirty true nature of our built environment, and how we deal with the rupture between physical appearance and physical reality. 
The sculptor Magali Hebert-Huot uses OSB as an ironic architectural material, building columns and plinths while, in the process, subverting the industrial carelessness of its production by sanding and waxing it to a fine finish. Similarly, Hoekstra applies layers of acrylic paint over his canvases before sanding them down to create abstract compositions that transmit the weave of the fabric in concert with the remnants of brushstrokes, dotted with holes. Many of Van Zanten’s current paintings look almost exactly like OSB, but this is achieved only through painstakingly repainting, in oil, the image of the panel over itself.  In their work impoverished materials are, through the investment of great effort, made beautiful while still remaining themselves, where labor is both added and subtracted simultaneously, towards an end that is nearly identical to the beginning.

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