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Uncertain Threshold


Curated by FJORD member Anthony Bowers and Joy O. Ude

Opening Reception: January 21, 2-6pm

Exhibition Dates: January 21 - February 28, 2023

FJORD is pleased to present "Uncertain Threshold," our seventh annual juried open call exhibition

featuring works by Lucia Garzón & Bradley Marshall


Increasingly, it is the in-between spaces that hold our attention. The extremes are well established, the molds broken and reformed enough to establish a way that things should work there–but in the middle there is now room for something new. In Uncertain Threshold, selected works by Lucia Garzón and Bradley Marshall explore the threshold between everyday and elevated, materiality and image, personal and universal. 


Referencing Lucia’s large installation piece, Rejas, as a touchstone for the show–it is by its very title a kind of threshold. A delineation between space for those allowed and those who are not; in this case, we are not separated from the protected object by sturdy metal but instead by a warm, unifying wood that we can easily reach across. The venerated focus of our attention in this piece is both everyday and elevated, personal and universal, sacred and mundane. That same evocative mélange operates similarly in Bradley's work, though in a cooler register. Bradley’s work offers a precarious balance between the seen and the supported. Working in cold steel and frosted glass, his pieces–like Duoscape I (I Can Move Words)--offer an experience of experiencing, holding up the observed to be appreciated, categorized, and refracted through each other. 


Another facet of Lucia and Bradley’s work that binds them together is their thoughtful approach to describing the casual. The way that Lucia uses small wood pieces to transmogrify a rug and sandals into an honorific mirrors the way that Bradley’s portrait of a boysenberry tree is transported into a translucent flatness. Bradley and Lucia’s work invites us to participate in their distinct visions of these sacred, yet ordinary spaces.

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