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featuring works by Asif Mian,

guest curated by Tausif Noor

August 8 - September 21, 2019
Curated by Tausif Noor

Opening Reception: Thursday, August 8, 6PM-9PM
Second Reception: Thursday, September 12, 6PM-9PM
Gallery Hours: Saturday and Sunday, 2PM-6PM and by appointment
EVERYDAY/CHIASMA schematizes artist Asif Mian’s material investigations of trauma, violence, hypermasculinity, and familial bonds. The installations, sculpture, and video work presented in this exhibition are the products of over a decade of research and personal reflection, informed by forensic science, genetics, and theories of surveillance. Using materials ranging from Plexiglass to modified car hoods and Velcro, the artist carefully considers the aesthetic and ethical implications of making violence visible.

Mian draws from personal and familial experiences of violent crime, as well as the violence enacted through structures of criminality and policing, to articulate how these forces have shaped his political subjectivity. In doing so, Mian extends to the viewer a number of prompts: Which legacies of violence do we engage with every day? Which of these are visible, and which are hidden? How have they been shaped by us, and how do they in turn shape who we are, and who we can become?

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