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Fever Dream


Curated by FJORD members

Opening Reception: Thursday, October 11, 6-9PM

Exhibition Dates: October 5 - November 17

FJORD is pleased to present "Fever Dream," our fifth annual juried open call exhibition featuring works by:

Tabitha Arnold

Dain Deltadawn

Stuart Lantry

Justin Levesque

Nick Primo

Emilie Selden

Maria Stabio

Megan Stroech

Rebecca Tennenbaum

Ellie Tomlinson

William Warden

Seneca Weintraut

A way of classification gets at something exterior to the object but still has ties to it like an uneven cord”

-The Sea is White by Jimmy Lo


Methods of containment help us understand the world around us.  Literally, using containers, we attempt to separate the spaces around us, identifying them and giving our belongings a “place” so they are easily located when needed.  In Marie Kondo’s The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up she speaks about emptying your bag at the end of the day in order to allow it to “rest” after all of the hard work it’s done carrying your things.  We rest, so shouldn’t you bag rest as well?  So often we think about objects and things, but not the work that is being done by the space around them, the space that actively holds them.


 The artists in Fever Dream speak to various ideas of holding, or failing to hold.  Through sculpture, painting, and photography, the twelve artists selected for FJORD’s 5th annual juried open call, were brought together to create vignettes of containment—physically, both on levels small (Emilie Selden) and large (Tabitha Arnold,) and emotionally (Stuart Lantry), and, in the case of the natural world, with less control than we might ever be able to have (Maria Stabio, Justin Levesque).

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