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Other Bodies


Curated by FJORD member, Kyle Kogut

Opening Reception Thursday, June 14 6-9 PM

On view June 14-July 26

Closing Reception September 23, featuring portraits by Tiffany Smith from 4-6 PM



FJORD is pleased to present "Other Bodies," an exhibition of works by artists Emily Culver and Elliot Doughtie. Curated by gallery member Kyle Kogut, the exhibition will be on view from June 14th to July 28th, and an opening reception will take place on June 14th from 6-9 pm. This exhibition of objects, sculptures and collaborative installations transform the domestic, familiar, and functional into a space of fluidity and foreignness.


At the core of both artist’s work is a desire to form intimate relationships between objects and the body. Objects are metaphors for a body in a state of flux, channeling the uncertain, defying expectation, and not functioning as something “should”. Embracing a perception of queerness, the works reject definition and savor the question of “what is it?”, through which function or non-function play a role to disrupt the viewer’s accepted normality. The works embody a physical change, exchange and potential. At times their solidarity in purpose is undermined, and at times their existence as objects is questioned. Both artists work within a language of a tactile familiarity, inviting the viewer with a need or want to be haptically engaged; utilizing skin like materials, infinitely punched paper, and handles to be held. The works also explore how the body works (or perhaps doesn’t), presenting vessels to be filled, plumbing to transport contents, knobs to be turned, or a seat to be inhabited.


The uncanniness of these works and the relationships that occur between them challenge the viewer to reflect on their own uncertainties or boundaries implemented upon themselves.

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