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Predator, Twilight, Edible


Curated by FJORD member, Chrissy Scolaro

Opening Reception Thursday, August 10 6-9 PM with performances by Torey Akers and Benjamin Santiago at 7:30 PM

On view August 12-September 23

Closing Reception September 23, featuring portraits by Tiffany Smith from 4-6 PM

FJORD Gallery is pleased to announce upcoming group exhibition “Predator, Twilight, Edible,” featuring work by New York based artists Torey AkersBenjamin Santiago and Tiffany Smith, curated by Fjord member, Chrissy Scolaro.

“The presumptuousness of it all. On the one hand, the Aristotelian, perhaps evolutionary need to put everything into categories--predator, twilight, edible--on the other, the need to pay homage to the transitive, the flight, the great soup of being in which was actually live.” Becoming, Deleuze and Guattari called this flight: becoming-animal, becoming-woman, becoming-molecular. A becoming in which one never becomes, a becoming whose rule is neither evolution nor asymptote but a certain turning, a certain turning inward, turning into my own / turning on in / to my own self / at last / turning out of the / white cage, turning out of the / lady cage / turning at last.”
-Maggie Nelson, The Argonauts

We rely on words to define and describe, but language--a construct in and of itself can limit and hinder understanding. In the text above, Nelson reminds us to embrace the undefined, these places of slippage, and fall into the “great soup of being in which we actually live.”

The artists in Predator, Twilight, Edible engage with this soup in distinct and unique tonalities. Through performance, video, photography, sculpture and drawing we are sharing intimate space with work that is pushing the boundaries of self-disclosure as Akers, Santiago and Smith navigate identity-based themes such as communication, history and ego.

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