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Sketches from California


Opening reception Friday, September 5th from 6-10pm
Exhibition dates: September 3 - 27
Gallery Hours: Saturdays 12-6 and by appointment

Sketching can be a place of freedom, a recess for experimentation. A sketch can be a place to trust in one's embedded visual knowledge and conceptual intuition, without the emotional burden of making something important. And sometimes in these moments, something very important IS made. SKETCHES FROM CALIFORNIA has been curated by recent MFA graduate of University of California, San Diego and now Philadelphia implant, Frankie Martin. The exhibition includes sketches in different forms made by Frankie's colleagues from UCSD, including; Micki Davis and Vanessa Roveto, Clinton McCallum, Nina Preisendorfer, Brianna Rigg, Matt Savitsky, Ash Eliza Smith and Joe Yorty. The opening reception for the event is Friday September 5 from 6-9pm, and is set to run through September 27th.

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