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To Labor With Love

To Labor with Love

Curated by Elisa Gabor, On View May 2 - 31

Fjord Gallery is pleased to announce our two year anniversary exhibition,To Labor With Love, a two-part exhibition curated by Fjord member Elisa Gabor. TLWL will feature Artists at Work, a film by Elina Brotherus, as well as works by 17 artists collected via an open call.

Participating artists include:
Joe Bochynski
Anthony Bowers
Kelton Bumgarner
Brittany Carmichael
Micah Danges
Andy Giannakakis
Matt Giel
Sam Mapp
Jay Muhlin
Anna Neighbor
Thomas Pontone
Sherina Poorman
Lydia Rosenberg
Kate Speidel
Chad States
Gordon Stillman
Michelle Wallace

While Brotherus’ film plots the triangulation of the artist-subject gaze, each selected work presents its own narrative of performed effort and poetic strategy. The sculpture, video, images, books, performance, and augmented machinery comprising TLWL act as forms of research revolving around the artists’ awareness of their process.

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