Lines Like Legs
Ted Gahl and Gregory Kalliche
August 1– August 31, 2014

Opening reception August 1, 6–9p
The Void, like a noisy neighbor.
There’s chatter coming from the hushed-out vacua. It’s the
insentient; they can sometimes be antagonistic or bouncy,
more rubbery than glue-like. Watch it. Catch yourself arguing with your car. Catch the matinee of in and relate to the scenes where the cars argue with each other.
What a typical mistake.
The felt pads fell off the bottom of the living room furniture and after some rearrangements, a series of recognizable
gestures were scratched into the hardwood floor.
What a typical mistake.
The jackets on the wall pegs are infested with spirit faces...
familiar ones.
Take the proper amount of breaks.
When hiking into a high altitude, the thin air might lead you
to perceive a mess of figures scrambled into the jagged
mountain line.
The proper break.
The ice split apart just right and the glacier took on quite a
proud pose for a heck of a long time.
Lines Like Legs is a group of installed works from artists
Ted Gahl and Gregory Kalliche. The works, though created
individually, have been reassembled, curated and installed
collaboratively (

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