HATE ALPHABET September 5-September 25 featuring work by Fjord member, Doah Lee

Hoarse Whispers

HOARSE WHISPERS March-August 2020 featuring works by Michelle Harris, Molly Metz and Sarah Tortora


STREWN November 14-December 21, 2019 A collaborative installation by Martha Mysko and Willie Wayne Smith


HOMEBODY October 5-November 2, 2019 Featuring works by new FJORD members, Lindsay Deifik, Katie Wynne and Seneca Weintraut


EVERYDAY/CHIASMA August 8-September 21, 2019 featuring the work of Asif Mian, guest curated by Tausif Noor


EMBODIED May 9-June 22 featuring the work of Basil Kincaid, Devin N. Morris, and D’Angelo Lovell Williams Curated by FJORD member Joy O. Ude

Screen Shot 2019-07-06 at 8.41.33 AM

AFTER CITIES March 14-April 28 featuring the work of Jeff Williams and Letha Wilson. Curated by FJORD member, Theo Mullen

Lip-Sync Parade

LIP-SYNC PARADE November 29, 2018-January 12, 2019 Featuring work by Amy Cousins, Gabriel Martinez, Heather Raquel Phillips, Jesse Harrod and Kennan Bennett. Curated by FJORD member, Doah Lee

Fever Dream

FEVER DREAM October 5-November 17, 2018 5th Annual Juried Exhibition featuring work by Tabitha Arnold, Dain DeltaDawn, Stuart Lantry, Justin Levesque, Nick Primo, Emilie Selden, Maria Stabio, Megan Stroech, Rebecca Tennenbaum, Ellie Tomlinson, William Warden and Seneca Weintraut. Curated by FJORD members.

Object Permanance

OBJECT PERMANENCE August-September 2018 featuring work by Natalie Baxter, Tara Fadenrecht, Chelsea Flowers, Heather Mawson, Betsy Odom and Leslie Rodgers. Curated by FJORD member, Anthony Bowers

Double Meeting at Orgy Park

DOUBLE MEETING at ORGY PARK August-September 2018 featuring work by Jane Irish, Nick Lenker, Marisha Lozada, Anna Neighbor, Sarah Pater, Jamie Williams and Katie Wynne. Curated by FJORD Gallery members.


OTHER BODIES June-July 2018 Featuring work by Emily Culver and Elliot Doughtie. Curated by FJORD member, Kyle Kogut.


HOW WE REMEMBERED IT April-May 2018 Guest curated by Orgy Park, featuring work by Nicholas Buffon, Gina Dawson, Leah Dixon, Clark Filio, Catherine Lepp and Steve Mykietyn. Curated by Steve Mykietyn.

IMG_5721 (1)

ELEPHANT'S FOOT January-February 2018 featuring work by Cindy Cheng and Cheeny Celebrado-Royer. Curated by FJORD Gallery members.


FURTHER, MAYBE December 2017 Featuring work by FJORD members Natessa Amin, Anthony Bowers, Liam Holding, Chrissy Scolaro.


NEW BLOODS November - December 2017 Featuring work by new FJORD members: Doah Lee, Joy O. Ude, Kyle Kogut, Theo Mullen.


APPARITIONS 4th Annual Juried Exhibition October - November 2017 Featuring work by Winnie Ambron, Julia Bunn, Madeleine Cichy, Annson Conaway, Alex Echevarria, Garrett Gould, Pernot Hudson, Will Hutnick, Jihyun Hong, Mari Elaine Lamp,Mira Putnam, Annasophia Vukovich, Lauryn Welch. Curated by FJORD Gallery members.

Predator, Twilight, Edible

PREDATOR, TWILIGHT, EDIBLE August - September 2017 Featuring work by Torey Akers, Benjamin Santiago and Tiffany Smith. Curated by FJORD member, Chrissy Scolaro.

Jump Cut

JUMP CUT June - July 2017 Featuring work by Tony Bragg, Lyla Duey, Jacob Feige, Sarah Kaufman, Erin Murray, Tim Portlock, Paul Rouphail, Justin Webb. Curated by David Aipperspach.

Touching the Pond

TOUCHING THE POND June 2017 Elisa Gabor, AJ Rombach, Cameron Masters

To Chance To Wander

TO CHANCE TO WANDER April - May 2017 Joe Bochynski, Anthony Bowers, Helen Mirra, Theo Mullen III, Asha Sheshadri, Manuela Flores, Rafael Guendelman, Paz Ortuzar, Pablo Rivera, Paula Salas

SLAP-STICK, Matt Freedman

SLAP-STICK January - February 2017 Solo Exhibition featuring Matt Freedman and performance with collaborator Tim Spelios.

Shout, TREE Juried Exhibition

SHOUT, TREE: 3rd Annual Juried Exhibition November 2016 Featuring Work by Cindy Ji Hye Kim, Marisha Lozada, Ben Pederson, Kaitlyn Pomerantz, Emily Belshaw, Zachary Betts, Emily Culver, Sarah Mikenis, Gary Schmitt, Moira Connelly, Scott Lewis, Jonathan McFadden, and Kristopher Benedict.

Porous Coverage

POROUS COVERAGE September 2016 Featuring work by Wesley Chavis, Sarah Coote, J. Avery Theodore Daisey, Anthony Iacono and Rachel Klinghoffer.

Basic Instinct

BASIC INSTINCT July 2016 Featuring work by Peter Shear and Ellen Siebers. Curated by Natessa Amin and AJ Rombach.

Brick Moon

BRICK MOON May 2016 Featuring work by Josh Azzarella, Aubry/Broquard, Laine Godsey, Judy Natal, Sarah Pater, and Lydia Rosenberg.

Pool Rules (II)

POOL RULES (II) Fjord members' collaboration for Artist-Run at the Satellite Show Miami, 2016.

Behind the Eight Ball


Call for Entry Exhibition 2015

FINDING THE ZEITGEIST THROUGH SUBMISSION September 2015 Featuring work by Paige Donovan, Ava Hassinger, Christina Kerns, Molly Metz, Theo Mullen, Alyssa Piro, Gordon Stillman, Lucia Thome, Katie Waugh, and Phyllis Yao.


INTERFACE August 2015 Featuring work by Alina Tenser, Analisa Teachworth, Ilana Harris-Babou, Sam Cockrell, and Shawn Taylor. Curated by George Berkeley.

Richard Said

RICHARD SAID June 2015 Featuring work by Sarah Faux, Nick Parker, Alex Roth, Adam Lovitz, Philippa Beardsley, Ashley Wick, Mariel Joan Capanna. Organized by Alex Roth and Adam Lovitz.

Greetings from Lake Zwenkau

GREETINGS FROM LAKE ZWENKAU May 2015 Featuring work by Laura Brothers, Clement Valla, Lisa Sigal, and Molly Zuckerman-Hartung. Curated by Fjord member, Cameron Masters.

Historical Drift

HISTORICAL DRIFT, OR: IF YOU SAY SOMETHING, SEE SOMETHING April 2015 Solo exhibition of work by Tony Garbarini.

Accidental Translation

ACCIDENTAL TRANSLATION March 2015 Featuring work by Hao Ni and Bayne Peterson.

General Objects

GENERAL OBJECTS February 2015 Featuring work by Joseph Grigely, Kyle Nilan, Jeff Prokash, Betany Porter, Elliott Mickleburgh, Jameson Doody, Arièle Dionne-Krosnick & Didier Morelli, and Joshua Demaree. Curated by Danny Floyd and produced by Ballroom Projects, Chicago.

Autocomplete/Manual Delete

AUTOCOMPLETE/MANUAL DELETE January 2015 Featuring work by Nick Van Zanten, Magali Hebert-Huot, and Justin Hoekstra.

Blind Handshake

BLIND HANDSHAKE October 2014 Featuring work by Jennifer Berman, Anthony Bowers, Liam Thomas Holding, Amalia Wilson, and Tara White. Curated by Fjord member, Natessa Amin.

Sketches from California


Lines Like Legs

LINES LIKE LEGS August 2014 Featuring work by Ted Gahl and Gregory Kalliche.

Earthly Delights


To Labor With Love

TO LABOR WITH LOVE May 2014 Featuring work by Joe Bochynski, Anthony Bowers, Kelton Bumgarner, Brittany Carmichael, Micah Danges, Andy Giannakakis, Matt Giel, Sam Mapp, Jay Muhlin, Anna Neighbor, Thomas Pontone, Sherina Poorman, Lydia Rosenberg, Kate Speidel, Chad States, Gordon Stillman, and Michelle Lee Wallace. Curated by Elisa Gabor.


QUALIA March 2014 Featuring work by David Aipperspach, Jenna Pirello, Jesse Yuhasz, Rebekah Callaghan, Roger White, Sean Sweeney, and Stewart Watson. Curated by AJ Rombach and Chrissy Scolaro.

To Fade and Spill Out And

TO FADE AND SPILL OUT AND (AND LOOK AT ANOTHER'S WHOLE) January 2014 Featuring work by Matthew Fischer, Amanda Friedman, Roberto Jamora, and Tiffany Livingston. Curated by Jamie Felton and Zachary Rawe.

RENT October 2013

RENT October 2013 Christopher K. Ho's solo exhibition RENT combines the artist's previous explorations of furniture design and institutional critique. With characteristic wit, Ho presents a set of painter's palettes that aim to be the Williams-Sonoma of palettes.

Mechanical Turk

MECHANICAL TURK September 2013 Featuring work by Seth Adelsberger, Colin Benjamin, John Bohl, Pia Howell, Katie Kehoe, Sam Lipp, JJ Miyaoka-Pakola, Michael Sirianni, and Rachel Stern. RISD, Memorial Hall Gallery, Providence RI.

Pool Rules

POOL RULES August 2013

Body Without Organs

BODY WITHOUT ORGANS July 2013 Featuring work by Alex Da Corte and Sean Robert Fitzgerald.

A country road. A tree. Evening.

A COUNTRY ROAD. A TREE. EVENING. June 2013 Featuring work by Alice Browne, Craig Taylor, Ezra Tessler, Gavin Toye, Ginny Casey, Jonathan Allmaier, Michael Voss, Jim Lee, and Peter Shear.

Ivory Tower

IVORY TOWER March 2013

Red Herring

RED HERRING August 2012


DAPHNE July 2012

Spectator Sport


Considering the Provisional


Not Pictured Here

Eight Young Figurative Artists

November 2014

Lover, Bird of Prey

April 2014

Fjord Holiday Benefit

December 2013

Chous Effect

November 2013

A City(ies) That Walked

September 2013

Stirred Up Still

May 2013

Three in Doubles

April 2013

Wandering Planar

February 2013

Bleach Blue

October 2012

Slow Correspondance

September 2012


January 2012

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