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Brick Moon

Brick Moon 

Please join us this evening for the Opening Reception of our inaugural exhibition at Crane Arts, 6-9pm

FJORD is pleased to present Brick Moon featuring works by Josh Azzarella, Aubry/Broquard, Laine Godsey, Judy Natal, Sarah Pater, and Lydia Rosenberg. The exhibition shares its name with the 1869 short story by Edward Everett Hale, wherein a massive spherical satellite is inadvertently launched into space along with thirty-seven laborers on board, who create a new society in orbit. The assembled works allude to notions of ‘home’ or ‘belonging,’ either explicitly or implicitly, and ply a range of media, technologies, and narratives that shape our views of the spaces we inhabit.

Come celebrate with us!

FJORD will be hosting a screening of brand new video works followed by an artist talk and conversation with participating artist, Judy Natal, on May 19th. Stay tuned for more info!