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On and Off from You

On and Off from You

Curated by FJORD member Doah Lee

Opening Reception: Saturday, August 5, 6-9pm

Exhibition Dates: August 5 – September 16, 2023


FJORD is pleased to announce the upcoming group exhibition On and Off from You, featuring works by Emily Selvin, Katelyn Chapman, and Tania Qurashi. Curated by gallery member Doah Lee, the exhibition will be on view from August 5th to September 16th and an opening reception will take place on August 5th from 6-9pm. This exhibition, On and Off from You, presents works by three female artists who are exploring complex notions of femininity, gender roles, and power dynamics through visual media, including painting, embroidery, glass art, and mixed media-based sculpture. 


“On and Off from You” is a symbolic device used as a rebuttal to the “male gaze,” and how society sexually objectifies women. It depicts collective pain, and shows the challenges of living in a female body. Each artist uses their own social and cultural references and language to claim individual autonomy that reflects their identity and womanhood. The artists empower narratives and images of resisting social constructs and pressure, ranging from quiet subtle voices to bold and direct characters challenging the definition of femininity and “ways of seeing” one another. 

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