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Pool Rules II


We are pleased to announce FJORD is showing at the Satellite Show in Miami, Fl. As a collective we have taken over room #215 at the Ocean Terrace Hotel in Miami Beach as part of Artist-Run curated by Tiger Strikes Astroid. For this project we have mined our archives and will be referencing the 2013 show called Pool Rules as we simulate the environment surrounding a pool.

Artists participating include: Natessa Amin, Anthony Bowers, Lindsay Chandler, Elisa Gabor, Liam Thomas Holding, Cameron Masters, and AJ Rombach. 

Artist-Run focuses on the artist-run space, a thriving alternate model of support, exchange, and community to the established commercial market. From collectives with permanent spaces to one-person pop-up curatorial nomads, Tiger Strikes Asteroid had gathered an international representation of forty of these initiatives in a repurposed hotel. Each room will feature a different installation/environment by one of these groups.

We hope you can visit us here in Miami!
Follow this link to complimentary tickets to the events at Satellite:

SATELLITE, a new project series brought to you by Brian Whiteley (founder of the Select Art Fair) and Art Market Productions, will debut this December 1 – 6 in Miami Beach. SATELLITE will populate several unoccupied beachfront properties, with each distinct venue stewarded by notable art organizations and curators. The goal of SATELLITE is to initiate new conversations and to foster experiential and exploratory interactions with art. Find out more at

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